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I began my creative career working as a graphic designer for a small architectural and landscape company. At this time computers were beginning to take over from traditional techniques and I became increasingly interested in the use of technology. This encouraged me to enrol on a programming course and I soon found myself building simple games and interactive demos.

Now thoroughly hooked, I started a course on 3d studio, which almost immediately led to a post at Mirage Multimedia. Here I produced rendered sprites and backgrounds for sci-fi blaster Bedlam, and subsequently took the position of lead artist on the sequel - Absolute Bedlam! Following the arrival of the PSX, I moved to real-time 3d and became lead artist for the first Mirage polygon game, Pool Shark.

In 1998 I moved to Software Creations and had a number of projects published on the Nintendo GBA: including Ken Griffey Jnr. for Nintendo and several Rugrats themed games for THQ. I also worked on several Fifa projects for EA and was Lead Artist for Fifa 2001 on the PSX and on the sadly unpublished Fifa 2002 Road to World Cup on GBA.

At Acclaim Studios Manchester I led the environment team for hack and slash adventure Gladiator Sword of Vengeance. This involved the whole of level production from initial design, to prototyping, scripting cameras and events, directing the team producing the art for the terrain and the objects, and finally adding lighting and effects.

Acclaim then proposed a Turok game and I art directed a rendered presentation for Turok Future. I then moved on to the gangster adventure, Interview With a Made Man.

In 2005 Silverback Studios obtained the rights to Made Man from Acclaim and I was invited to join the team as lead artist. Following the publication of Made Man Silverback was acquired by Vivendi and became the Manchester site of Swordfish Studios.

At Swordfish Studios I led the art team on the conversion of World in Conflict from PC to PS3 and 360. This revolutionary all-action RTS was designed for high spec PCs and I was responsible for maintaining the very high visual standards during the conversion to much lower powered consoles.

Most recently I've been working at Monumental Games on the latest release of the Moto GP franchise, producing artwork for the tracks the riders and the bikes.