Welcome To My Portfolio Site

I have worked as a graphic artist in many areas including print and exhibition design but since 1995 my main focus has been as a video game artist. During this time I've been involved in just about every area of game art. In recent years I've generally been leading teams; managing data, schedules and people on licensed products and original titles.

Whilst in the industry I've had experience of working in numerous genres and all major formats and have contributed to several chart topping triple A titles. I've designed and built environments from motels and bars, to caves, castles and spaceships. I've scripted camera systems, drawn fonts and laid-out interfaces.

I've created lighting and particles: fire, gore and fog. I've authored plots, scripted dialogue and written pitch docs. I've recruited staff and briefed teams; worked across multiple platforms multiple sites and even multiple countries.

I still get a buzz from shoving some polys around and building a whole new world from scratch. When I started off pushing pixels around in Dpaint I had no idea what was coming: Max, Xbox, Ds, Zbrush, PS3…

I can't wait to see what’s next.